Foundations aims to provide affordable, high quality and sustainable housing for thousands of people in the city over the next 10 years.

We are committed to building the homes people want – and deserve – to live in. Homes that are great spaces to raise a family, to create memories, and that are comfortable places in which to grow older.

Our vision is to create a wide range of new and renovated homes for rent and for sale, with affordable housing and bespoke properties for specific groups including foster carers, the elderly, people with a disability, and young people who are making the transition from the care system to adulthood.

Working with partners, we want to dramatically improve the quality of, and access to, the city’s housing market, improving the local environment, nurturing and regenerating neighbourhoods and creating new jobs along the way.

We hope to revolutionise the rent to buy sector, and plan to reinvest money from the sale of a proportion of these new homes directly in the programme whose aim is to deliver 10,000 new properties by 2028.