Financial incentives

Liverpool has a housing market which is not currently working for many of the people who live in the city.

We want to change that by providing thousands of new good-quality, modern and affordable homes in locations all across the city.

We are a housing company committed to opening doors and offering a range of options to both tenants and potential homeowners.

Many of the houses that are being built or renovated will be available to rent, and as an ethical landlord all our homes will come with guarantees around security of tenure, a responsive and reliable repairs service and a landlord that genuinely cares.

We also want to give people from all walks of life the opportunity to get on to the housing ladder.

The development of its own Rent to Buy option, where first time buyers will be able to pay a reduced rent for up to five years, enabling them to save the difference towards a deposit, and purchase the home from Foundations.

The introduction of a living rent, where the rent in some areas will be set so it’s no more than one-third of the average household income for Liverpool and the development of houses that first time buyers can purchase from the company as shared ownership homes. The householder will buy part of their home from Foundations, and pay a rent on the remainder.

There will also be bespoke homes designed to meet the needs of older people whose families have grown up and away, including bungalows and apartments, while our Homes For Carers scheme will offer larger properties at reduced rents to registered Foster Carers.

And money from both sales and rents will go back in to the scheme to help create even more Foundations homes.