Special requirements

Foundations will answer the housing needs of different groups and individuals through bespoke new and regenerated properties in each development.

Larger families, foster carers, the elderly, people with a disability, the homeless and young people making the transition from council care to adulthood will be among those whose requirements are catered for as we deliver on our ambition to provide 10,000 new properties in the city.

Our ‘Moving On’ homes will be designed specifically to meet the needs of an older housing market, offering a mixture of high-quality, low-maintenance bungalows and retirement apartments which will be available for sale or rent.

In addition, we recognise the vital role Foster Carers play in looking after some of our most vulnerable children and young people. Our Homes for Carers scheme will feature larger homes which will be available for a reduced rent to those registered with Liverpool City Council as Foster Carers.